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How Does Product Liability Insurance Relate to a General Liability Policy?


Product liability insurance policies and general liability insurance policies are commonly referred to business owners as necessary components for startup. What’s the difference, though, and how does the coverage work together? Most business product liability insurance policies can be purchased by themselves, independently of a general liability policy. Most of the time, however, it doesn’t...

Why Product Liability Coverage is a Must for Product Manufacturing and Sales


Product liability negligence can be very serious if a claim is made and your business is involved. Businesses that manufacture or sell products have risks that must have a defense to product liability claims making a products liability insurance policy necessary. The product liability policy has some limits of coverage. The insurers limit their interventions to a certain amount per claim per year...

A Look at How Product Liability Coverage Works and Who Needs It


Product liability coverage is a type of liability insurance that is vastly misunderstood. Who needs product liability coverage?, who does it protect?, how are claims filed?, and what type of claims are filed? are all questions that are commonly asked. Most businesses wind up taking out a general business liability policy, and while those do usually have some product liability coverage, some...

A Few Simple Tips When Applying for Product Liability Coverage


Product liability insurance belongs to a type of liability insurance coverage, which typically does not contain a general structured plan. It is dependent on the type of business, like some may want to purchase the policy for sports goods or any other popular sort of business, and some may want it for an industrial or a less publicized business. The companies involved in making goods are in a...

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