4 Steps to Limit the Risk of Creating a Faulty Product


Even the best of companies can accidentally produce a faulty product.

However, the businesses who continue to produce quality products, repeatedly, all share some common efforts.

Here are four steps your company can take to limit
the risk of bringing a faulty product to the market.

Create a quality assurance team

No matter the type of product your business produces, it is essential to have a team of people to test the product to identify any potential issues.

Whether this takes place in a science lab or with a team of web developers, the essential functionality stays the same.

A strong quality assurance team is designed to be removed from the creation of the product and to look for all and any issues that could arise from the selling of the product.

Can I break the code?

Does the label adequately describe the product’s side effects?

These are the types of questions your QA team should ask themselves.

By having a team dedicated to looking for problems, you can bring your product to market with confidence once it passes their tests.

Evaluate your manufacturing facility

Many companies outsource the production of their products. In doing so, however, you may expose your company and your product to an added layer of risk.

Since you cannot have your eyes on production at all times (if at all), it is necessary to evaluate the manufacturing facilities.

Things to consider include the goods that the plant will produce and the quantity of their production. You likely do not want your food product to be produced down the road from a chemical plant, or to have any risk of cross-contamination that can be outside of your control.

Similarly, it may not be wise to select a facility that will struggle to meet your quotas. This added pressure could lead to a faulty product later on down the line.

Instill values in your company

Having a positive company mission will encourage your employees to hold themselves to a high standard. This means that the people who work for your company will want to see great work being done and will work hard to see that vision come to life.

A company without moral values may leave workers uninspired and can result in oversights that lead to the creation of a faulty product.

Have product liability insurance

Protecting yourself from the unexpected is another great way to limit your risk of creating a faulty product. Securing a product liability insurance policy is a great way to protect you and your company if a faulty product does make it to market.

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