A Guide to Defects in Manufacturing: Supporting Product Liability Claims

What is Product Liability Insurance?

If you have been injured from a manufacturing defect in a product, you may be entitled to compensation. This guide will help you understand manufacturing defects and how to prove your strict liability or negligence claim based on manufacturing defects. We’ll also explore defenses like assumption of risk that are commonly used by defendants. Product defects are generally put into three...

7 Tips to Reduce Your Product Liability Risks

How to Reduce Your Product Liability Risk

There are several things that you can do to reduce product liability risks before bringing a product to market. In this article, we will discuss 7 tips on how to reduce your product liability risks in order to protect your company from lawsuits down the road! Product liability risks are a reality for product manufacturers, retailers and distributors. These product liability risks can be reduced...

What Is Product Liability Insurance Coverage and Why Do You Need It

What is Product Liability Insurance?

In this blog post we will discuss what product liability insurance is, how it works, and who needs it. We’ll also talk about how to get this type of coverage and why getting it could help save your business from financial ruin due to a lawsuit. What Is Product Liability Insurance? Product liability insurance is a type of coverage that provides protection for the manufacturer, seller, and...

How to Choose the Best Insurance Policy for Product Liability Protection

What is Product Liability Insurance?

It is not enough to know how important product liability insurance is to the financial protection of your business. You also need to be aware that it is equally important to know how to select the best insurance policy for product liability protection for your business; a policy that would cover your interests in the most efficient way possible. It is also important to aim for the most cost...

How to Monitor Product Distribution to Avoid Litigation


Many businesses do not have the capacity or resources to manage their company’s entire supply chain themselves. To combat this, many turn to outside help with product distribution. However, to ensure your product quality, there are multiple precautions you can take. Here are three steps to follow to ensure that your product is held to a high standard, even in the hands of your distributor...

Why Product Packaging Can Be as Important as the Product Itself


Creating a great product is only half the battle. Designing an effective package is just as important to the success of your product as the product itself. Your product’s packaging tells consumers a lot about your brand and the product itself, as well as communicates your product’s value to your customers. When creating an effective product packaging, there is a lot to consider. Here are four key...

How to Write an Effective Warning Label to Avoid Product Liability

Product Warning Label

Warning labels are an essential part of bringing any product to market. Every product has some form of risk involved, and consumers have the right to understand these risks. You as the product manufacturer, producer, or retailer are responsible for delivering product warning in an effective way. Crafting a strong product warning label will help you avoid having to use your product liability...

4 Steps to Limit the Risk of Creating a Faulty Product


Even the best of companies can accidentally produce a faulty product. However, the businesses who continue to produce quality products, repeatedly, all share some common efforts. Here are four steps your company can take to limit the risk of bringing a faulty product to the market. Create a quality assurance team No matter the type of product your business produces, it is essential to have a team...

Yikes! – I Sold a Defective Product – Now What?

product defect liability

We hear about defective products all the time. Exploding cell phones, faulty car breaks, and more have all fallen subject to product recalls in just the past few years alone. Even when businesses have strong product quality, assurance efforts in place, accidents do happen and faulty products can make their way to market. However, before we get into all the things to do once you have become aware...

South Carolina insurance company unveils new Firearms and Gun Program


The program is designed to give the firearms and gun businesses greater flexibility in choosing options to tailor coverage to their specific needs. These options include Professional Liability, Care, Custody and Control Coverage for gunsmiths, Product Recall Withdrawal Expense, ATF Local, State, Federal Proceeding Endorsement, Employee Benefits, Additional Insured Vendors Endorsement, and Hired...

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