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Why Do Importers Need Product Liability Insurance?

Why Do Importers Need Product Liability Insurance?

Are you an importer wondering if product liability insurance is necessary? Look no further. In this article, we’ll explore the importance of having this insurance and the risks you face without it. We’ll also discuss the legal requirements and the benefits that come with having product liability insurance. [TL;DR] Highlights and Key Takeaways Product liability insurance is crucial for...

Do I Need Product Liability Insurance as an FBA Seller on Amazon?

Amazon FBA sellers need product liability insurance coverage

You’re an Amazon FBA seller, shipping products globally. But have you thought about product liability insurance? It’s not something you can afford to overlook. Without it, you’re potentially exposed to costly lawsuits if someone’s injured using your product. Let’s delve into why you need this insurance, and how you can get it, to protect your business and livelihood...

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