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Cross-border Liability: A Legal Labyrinth in Global Supply Chains


In today’s globalized world, the expansion of international trade and the intertwining of global supply chains have immensely transformed the nature of business transactions. With these transformations, a myriad of legal challenges has arisen, particularly in the realm of cross-border product liability. 1. The Challenge of Global Supply Chains and Product Liability Global Supply Chains: In...

Product Liability: Who’s Liable When You Buy Something That Causes Bodily Injury?


It’s every consumer’s worst nightmare: you bring something home that was supposed to be safe for your family, and it ends up causing bodily injury. Product liability law protects consumers by ensuring fault manufacturers are held liable when their products injure someone else. The product liability law is designed to ensure people aren’t hurt in accidents caused by a company‚Äôs...

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