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The Legal Theories Of Liability For Product Defects

Attorney fights for damages in a product liability lawsuit

In the world of consumer products, defects can lead to severe consequences for both manufacturers and consumers. Understanding the legal theories of liability for product defects is crucial for navigating this complex landscape. This article explores strict liability, negligence, breach of warranty, causation, and defenses against product defect claims. By delving into these legal concepts, we...

Liability Risks and Injuries from Defective Space Heaters

Defective Space Heaters Can Cause Serious Injuries

Portable space heaters are the second leading cause of home fires, after cooking. This is largely due to the thousands of electric heater malfunctions from product defects that occur in the United States each year. Low-income households are more likely to use space heaters as their primary form of heating. An estimated 3 million low-income households use space heaters as their main source of...

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